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Ortley Beach Homes for Sale Selling Tips

Posted on: August 31st, 2021 by admin

The Ortley Beach real estate market is always going to be a very competitive market. This means that in order to sell your home, every little detail matters. Everything about the listing from the title to the photos, has the ability to draw in or push away potential buyers. This month, we’ll outline some general tips that can help sell Ortley Beach homes for sale. Of course, we hope these tips can help any homeowner thinking about listing or currently has a home for sale in any market. If you live in Ocean County, especially in Ortley Beach and the surrounding area, and are ready to put your home up for sale, contact one of our agents for help. Our agents have years of experience, lots of area knowledge, and the experience to help you sell your home fast.

Step #1 – Prepare Your Home

Ortley Beach homes for sale to-do list; left side of pic is houseplants, middle is bucket of cleaning products, and right side is wall being painted

Much of what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale should take place before you list your home. It is important to make your home a place where potential buyers can easily see themselves living. Professional stagers and real estate agents can also help you with furniture arrangement to benefit each room and maximize its potential.

It is very important to de-personalize your home. Remove family photos, personal memorabilia, and keepsakes. This helps to neutralize your home making it easier for people to picture themselves in it. This includes pets and pet accessories too. No matter how clean your home is, if someone sees a dog bed, they will “smell” a dog. Putting away all pet bowls, beds, and toys is one more detail that helps Ortley Beach homes for sale sell faster.

Additionally, it is recommended to paint the interior of your home, especially if it has been more than a few years since it was last done. Color selection is also important and avoiding excessively pigmented colors is suggested. Not everyone wants a red accent wall in their living room and something like that can be hard to look past for some buyers.

Another tip is to not only remove your personal items, but remove approximately one-third of your possessions overall. Full closets look much smaller than half-full closets and rooms look bigger without excessive furniture pieces. Less clutter not only looks better, but is also easier to keep clean.

Step #2 – Great Listings Help Ortley Beach Homes for Sale

In most cases, a listing is a potential buyers first impression of your home. What your listing says, how it says it, and what the pictures look like are what help to determine if someone wants to buy your home. Think of your listing as a book and the title and featured photo is the book title and cover art. In this situation, people most certainly do judge books by their cover. If your title and photos are bad, your listing will never be read.

A good title should grab a buyer’s attention. However, keep in mind that you are not selling a used car. Avoid visual tactics like using all capital letters and excessive punctuation. Rather, include important highlights and location specific characteristics like “beach front” or “short walk to the bay”.

Photos can make or break a listing. Great photos can make an average home appear superior just as bad photos can make a great home seem unwelcoming. It can be worth the money to have professional photos taken of your home. Plus, consider adding a 360° virtual tour. This enhances your listing and can make it stand out from others.

Your description should be informative, but concise. Nobody wants to click on a home listing and see a novella pop up on the page. A great listing has an attracting opening statement that points out some top amenities, followed by a direct description of the home, and ends with a call to action in order to encourage a response.

Step #3 – Be Ready to Sell

Attracting people to your home is one thing. Selling your home to them is something else entirely. Great photos are important for a listing. But buyers can feel like they were tricked if the home they tour looks nothing like the pictures. In order to quickly sell your home, your home needs to be visitor-ready at all times. Ensure that your whole home is able to be well lit during all times of day. It is essential to keep your home neat and clean at all times. Never leave dishes in the sink, keep the bathrooms clean, and floors mopped. Nobody wants to buy a dirty house.

Real Estate Agents Help Ortley Beach Homes for Sale in Many Ways

Real estate agents can assist in both the buying and selling of Ortley Beach homes. Our professional agents can help you stage your home, help write you a listing that attracts buyers, and be with you every step of the way as you sell your home. Plus, they’ll help you set your sale price. If you need assistance with Ortley Beach homes for sale, contact our agents today!

Seaside Park Rentals Spotlight

Posted on: August 1st, 2021 by admin

Being one of the most popular towns at the Jersey shore makes the Seaside Park real estate market extremely competitive. This, of course, includes the market for summer rentals. We have an office conveniently located right in Seaside Park so if you are searching for a home to buy or rent, reach out to one of our agents. They are an excellent source for local information as well as having the most current real estate information. For the best help in the Seaside Park real estate market, contact the agents in the Seaside Park Birchler Realtors office. In this month’s blog, we’ll be highlighting a few of our premiere Seaside Park rentals.

Seaside Park Rental #1 – Jelly Sue

Seaside Park rental picture of Jelly Sue; a blue home with white porch and deck railings

40 23rd Ave., South Seaside Park

This recently built, luxury, home is located on the ocean block of 23rd Ave. in South Seaside Park. Built by master craftsman Peter Scott, this home has views of both the ocean and the bay. Perfect for large parties, Jelly Sue sleeps 14, has four new gorgeous bathrooms, and plenty of comfortable living space. When it comes to notable details, it’s hard not to gush over the dazzling kitchen. It comes fully equipped for renters and has stunning stainless-steel appliances. It is the perfect place to congregate after a long day on the beach to make and enjoy a meal together. When it comes to luxury details, this home boasts not only a Sonos music system, but also a gunite pool and hot tub. Comfortable, beautifully designed, and spacious, what’s not to love about Jelly Sue?

Seaside Park Rental #2 – Summerwind

Picture of the home Summerwind, a Seaside Park rental; a tan home with a stone driveway

 12 23rd Ave., South Seaside Park

Summerwind is perfectly named. This meticulously maintained, luxury Seaside Park rental is just one home away from the beach. With this location, there is a view of the ocean from nearly every room. If you are in need of a home for a large family vacation or a small corporate getaway, Summerwind is for you. There are seven bedrooms that sleep up to 16 people and 4.5 baths to accommodate everyone. The comfortable furnishings along with the welcoming decks and porch are perfect for relaxation. Outside, there is also plenty of seating for everyone in the private yard. If you want to talk about convenience, Summerwind is available off-season as well. During the prime summer season, this home is available by the week only. In addition to that, Summerwind can be rented in the off-season on a long weekend or weekly basis.

Seaside Park Rental #3 – Seagull

Seagull is a 3-story town home for rent in Seaside Park

1401 N Ocean, Unit 4, Seaside Park

If you are on the hunt for the perfect oceanfront rental in Seaside Park, Seagull is for you. This 3-story townhome is able to comfortably sleep 9 people and has 4 bathrooms. It is fully furnished and is filled with awesome amenities. Being an oceanfront property located in Seaside Park, this rental comes with beach badges for use during vacation. Additional amenities include a whirlpool, heating and air conditioning, and an indoor elevator.  For anyone that is looking for easy access to fun, Seagull is located just a few blocks from the boardwalk. The Seaside Park boardwalk is two miles of delicious treats, entertaining games, and tons of family fun. If you are looking for the perfect sized townhome on the beach, contact us about renting Seagull.

These are Just a Few of Many Seaside Park Rentals

There are a wide variety of Seaside Park rentals available. They come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. This means they span a wide range of costs as well. When you work alongside one of our Seaside Park real estate agents, we can help you find the perfect home for you so you can have the perfect beach vacation. Rentals go fast in this market so contact as early as possible for the best results.