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Landlord Info

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Tips for a smooth rental

Please make sure that your rental is clean and ready for the next tenant. We recommend you personally check for damages and cleanliness between tenancies. Tenants are expected to leave the rental clean, however something could be missed and we must be notified of any issues.

Please provide ample trash and recycling receptacles. This is one of the most common issues during the hot summer months. Also post your garbage pickup schedules or any specific trash locations in multi unit complexes.

When providing internet for your tenants, please leave detailed instructions for the guests especially passwords needed to connect.

Post clear instructions on where your guests can park, when parking is assigned.

If you change any bedding arrangements in your home, please let us know immediately. It is best to make those changes in the off season prior to submitting the inventory. Tenants often choose properties to suit their needs and must be notified. What you have submitted on the inventory is what you promise to provide for the tenant.

Remove personal belongings or lock them up in an owner’s closet.

Replace batteries in your smoke alarms plus make sure your carbon monoxide detector is operating. It is also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy in your home.

Stock extra light bulbs.

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is sufficient.

Consider blocking pay per view channels since bills arrive at a later date.

Birchler Group does require our tenancies to be honored by the landlord, so please keep us updated to the available time periods. Either call our office or e-mail Sales@Birchre.com for any time frames that you are removing or adding. Periodically check our website to make sure your availability dates and inventory are correct and notify us of any changes.

Rest assured that Birchler Group agents accompany all showings with the potential tenants.