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Shop Small and Support Your Community

Posted on: April 1st, 2020 by admin

While we are all learning how to navigate our new daily lives, it’s important to continue to support small, local businesses.  The lockdowns and quarantines that are already in place have hit everyone.  If there is one thing we do know it is that our community knows how to come together during uncertain times.  Here are some tips on how to endorse your local stores and restaurants that are still able to provide service(s):

Shop Small

If you do need something that is not emergent, consider reaching out to the small shops in your area.  Many stores are providing curb-side pick up or delivery options right now.  Be sure to check online because many shops who did not have online shopping previously have started providing This service in order to continue to provide products to their customers.

Gift Cards

Think about purchasing gift cards to stores and restaurants.  Many restaurants and shops are offering a bonus when buying gift cards right now.  This helps provide revenue to these establishments now when things are so uncertain and encourages you to return at a later date to support them again.

Consider Sharing and Donating

From a distance!  Sharing what you can when you can is what helps communities the most.  If you can afford to purchase multiple gift cards and/or products, consider sharing them with people in your community that aren’t able to buy their own.  This helps support the shops and your neighborhood at the same time.  Another great way to share is to tell your friends and followers online what local stores you support and who is offering services people may need.  Social media is a great way to get the word out about local shops that are still open and functioning the best they can.  Even if you can’t shop, spreading the word about stores who are still doing their best to provide what they can is still super helpful and supportive.


Many fitness locations and the arts community are providing online classes and programs.  While many are offering free streaming videos and activities, some are also charging small fees.  While we are all trying to conserve our money, many of these businesses have had to close their doors so if you can comfortably afford to pay for their content, please do. If you have something you can share online, do this as well. Many people have added a lot of “hats” into their new daily routines; Parent, work-at-home employee, teacher, therapist, the list goes on. If you can help others by offering content, think about putting it up online so others can benefit from it too.

Switch to Sustainable

While shelves are being emptied on a daily basis, now’s a great time to consider switching to reusable products.  Many of these green products are sold by small businesses.  Not only do you support a small business, but you also help your community by needing less of the products that everyone is looking to buy.  There are silicone sponges, reusable paper towels, and many other options for products you use every day that come in a reusable or multi-use form.

Hobbies and Games

Fall back in love with that one craft you used to do all the time and just don’t seem to ever be able to find the time for.  Think about starting a family game night again.  If you need to buy new games, puzzles, or supplies, instead of looking at big box stores or internet retail company, reach out to your local hobby shop.  Again, many stores are providing online shopping at this time to protect their staff and customers so spend a little time and find a small store that has what you are looking for.

These are uncertain times and no one can really say what the future holds, but what we do know is communities are pulling together now more than ever.  Keep that going by supporting your small, local shops.  While you may not be able to browse the shelves of your favorite home décor store or be able to go to the gym, you can still support these enterprises by shopping online and subscribing to their streaming services.  Businesses of all sizes are doing what they can to be able to still provide their products and services. Stay local, shop small, and support your community.