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Real Estate Certifications and Designations

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 by admin

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Lavallette real estate can be confusing. Without knowing what the titles following your realtors name mean, it can become even more complex.  While many certifications are for education purposes, if you are dealing with a specific situation in your Ortley Beach real estate transaction, you may want to look for a realtor educated in that specialty. While all the certifications and special designations are not required to perform Seaside Park real estate, it certainly does help to have a more educated realtor.  Even if you are not dealing with any special circumstances in your home buying process, having a very experienced realtor is one of the best things you can do to make your journey more enjoyable.  The agents in all of our offices are very qualified and experienced in all aspects of Jersey Shore real estate.

Certifications Versus Designations

Let’s start by covering the difference between the two. According to the National Association of Realtors, “Designations are specialized credentials for REALTORS®.” A certification is also a specialized credential.  One main difference between designations and certifications is that designations require a realtor to pay dues annually where certifications only require an application fee. At the base level, certifications and designations mean that the realtor has taken courses and have experience in assorted areas of expertise in realty.

We won’t cover all of the available titles, but we’ll take a look a few from each category.


At Home With Diversity – AHWD

This focuses on completing real estate transactions with an acute attention to all buyer and seller profiles. Brokers learn how to effectively carry out their business in today’s diverse market.


This certification takes your technology education to the next level.  Consumers today rely more and more on digital and online platforms and technologies.  Brokers that can keep up with the new generation of clients will be the most successful.  Also, it’s ideal for a client that is immersed in technology to look for a realtor with this certificate as you will be able to work well with each other.  A realtor with this title will be able to accommodate many technological requests from their customers making the transaction easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Pricing Strategy Advisor – PSA

This course is designed to assist realtors in learning how to better direct customers through their incorrect assumptions about home values.  When clients have a lot of anxiety about the pricing and appraisal process, it may be due to misinformation.  Most clients stress evaporates once they fully comprehend the process better.  This also assists brokers in bettering their ability to create comparative market analyses, improve their expertise in pricing properties, and allows them to more effectively conduct business with appraisers.

Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource® – SFR

A realtor with this distinction is better equipped to assist clients who are in financial turmoil.  This course teaches agents how to better help people and the professionals who are available to assist them to limit risk, safeguard buyers, and manage arbitration. Being able to help customers in these situations get through the process as easily as possible is a great help.


Accredited Buyer’s Representative – ABR

The name pretty much says it all. Agents who decide to earn this designation learn how to most effectively work with buyers throughout the Lavallette real estate process. They’ll obtain education allowing them to stay up-to-date on how to best represent buyers.  They also will have the ability to use members-only products from Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council.  On the other side of the ABR is the SRS.

Seller Representative Specialist – SRS

Where an ABR is better suited for representing buyers, an SRS’s goal is to assist the seller throughout the Ortley Beach real estate process.  It indicates that the agent has met or exceeded the foundation in certain real-life experience and educational courses dealing with raising the professional bar.  An agent who is awarded the title of SRS is an agent who is consistently looking to make themselves a better agent.  This is a person who really loves their job and wants to do it as effectively as possible.

Graduate REALTOR® Institute – GRI

This focuses on everything from regulatory issues to professional standards.  This is a designation that helps agents stand out from the rest.  It signals that this Seaside Park real estate agent has continued their education and has in-depth information on current legal issues, technology, and the entire venture.

Senior Real Estate Specialist® – SRES

This designation indicates a realtor that has been educated in how to accommodate the specific needs of client group of people over 50 years of age.  Agents with this title have specific training in how to best partner with people who fit this category.


Many of our agents hold one or more of these titles. For our highly experienced Ortley Beach real estate agents, click here.  For our professional Lavallette real estate team, click here.  And for our group of distinguished Seaside Park real estate agents, click here.  All of our agents are ready and willing to help you make the home buying, home selling, and renting process on both ends as enjoyable for you as possible while always having your best interests in mind.