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Credit Card Payment and Cancellation Policy

1. Cardholder/tenants may pay by credit or debit card for a “short term rental” which is a rental of a residential property for not more than 125 consecutive days with a specific end date.

2. Cardholder/Tenant shall incur a fee of 3.6% per transaction for the convenience of paying by credit or debit card.

3. No cancellations are accepted after the signing of a legally binding lease agreement. The cardholder/tenant may be eligible for a refund prior to the signing of a legally binding lease agreement, minus any cancellation fees. Once a legally binding lease agreement is signed by cardholder/tenant and owner, all payment terms are governed by that agreement.

4. In no event shall the cancellation period terminate prior to the delivery to the cardholder/tenant of a fully executed lease agreement containing the final terms of that lease agreement.

5. No payment by credit card will be accepted for a lease agreement earlier than 61 days prior to check-in.

6. The cardholder/tenant shall be furnished a receipt and copy of this policy at the time of credit card payment.

7. Tenant agrees to provide their Photo ID along with the signed lease.

8. Tenant agrees to waive the right to initiate any charge backs or holds.

Visit our tenant portal to make a credit card payment or call Birchler Group