2 Great Locations!
Ortley: (732) 830-3333
Seaside Park: (732) 793-6074

Helpful Tenant Info

1. Make reservations early!

Planning ahead and booking early guarantees you maximum choice. That way you can be sure to find the optimal rental, the one that best suits your needs.

2. Get lease or rental agreement!

Since rentals involve a substantial amount of money and there’s a lot of emotional involvement in your vacation, don’t let it ride on a verbal commitment. Be sure to get everything down on paper before you send any payments!

3. Don’t miss deadlines for deposits!

A sure way to ruin your vacation. It might even result in a forfeiture of monies and a cancellation of your reservation. See number 2 above.

4. Know your cancellation policy!

Get a clear cancellation policy in writing. Be prepared to sacrifice at least a portion of your deposit should you have to cancel. Birchler Group cancellation policy allows for a cancellation only if the rental unit can be re-rented to a new tenant and agreement by the owner. In order for Birchler Group to attempt to re-rent the unit we need a letter from the tenant requesting the specific unit and time period to be cancelled and re-rented. Birchler Group will attempt to re-rent the unit and if completed the tenant will be charged a 12% percent commission.

5. Tenant Departure Responsibilities.

Departure cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant, whether you hire a cleaning service or “self clean”. Rentals must be cleaned prior to check out time. Garbage and Recycling must be put out to the curb on all scheduled pick-up days.

6. Security Deposits.

Birchler Group encourages owners to request a reasonable amount of security should a problem arise. Security deposits are held by Birchler Group in trust as an agent of the owner. Should an owner request a holding of security the entire deposit will be sent to the owner. The owner is obligated to send a written explanation of reasons why the security is being taken, an accounting of monies, and remainder of deposit if applicable. Birchler Group has no input on the decision to hold security. The rare instance a security deposit is held the issue is between landlord and tenant

7. Get complete instructions in advance!

Three things are critical to have before setting off on your vacation. Have complete driving/flying information before departure. Review your lease arrangements to pick up the keys at the rental office. Be sure to have the real estate office phone number so you have someone to contact should the unforeseen arise, (732) 793-3333.