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Luxury Amenities Found in Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach

Posted on: November 30th, 2021 by admin

There are some amenities that can take an average home to an outstanding home. Items that make a homeowner feel spoiled or like they are living in a resort-like atmosphere. Things like pools and stainless-steel appliances are great, but we’re talking about more. We’re referring more to things like home elevators, private bulkheads, and fully-equipped outdoor kitchens. Many homes for sale in Ortley Beach have such luxury amenities so we thought we’d highlight a few. These are additions that won’t be found in every home. Luxury and convenience can mean and look like different things to different people. So, if you are searching for a specific indulgence in your next home, contact one of our experienced realtors. They can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Some Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach Have Outdoor Showers

For some this may not be a must-have, but for others, it is a necessity. When you are buying a house in a shore town, sand in your home may seem unavoidable. A well-designed and well-placed outdoor shower can really cut down on the amount of sand that gets tracked into the home. Not only can you rinse off yourself, but it gives you an easy place to rinse beach accessories like chairs, toys, and boards. We’re not talking about dark enclosures where you rinse off with a hose. Think more of an actual outdoor bathroom with stone walls and floors and actual fixtures. The nicer the shower and surround are, the more it will be used, and the more advantageous it will be.

Elevators are More Common Than You Think

Due to the fact that many lots found in towns near the beach are narrow, many homes have multiple floors. Plus, homes located on a waterfront lot are often raised adding an additional level. It may not seem like huge disadvantage not having an elevator, but we’re pretty sure if you ask anyone who has one, they would beg to differ. They are not only a luxury convenience, but also a safety feature and sometimes a necessity for some residents or visitors. Most home elevators are equipped to work even during power outages, take up a fairly small footprint, and provide homeowners with unparalleled convenience. For people considering a retirement home in Ortley Beach, consider searching for homes with an elevator to save yourself the need for renovations later.

Other Extraneous Details Can Make a Home Luxurious

It’s not always about large, imposing additions in a home that makes it elegant. Sometimes it can be the smallest detail that takes a home from alright to superior. Granite countertops, smart appliances, and green building practices all take homes to the next level. The use of sustainable materials is highly sought-after today and can add a lot of value to homes for sale in Ortley Beach. Opulence can come in many forms and sometimes it is in the form of a bonus room. This can be a home gym, a library, or a wine cellar. For the active family, when space allows, tennis and basketball courts are popular.

Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach Have Great Amenities

Homes for sale in Ortley Beach are luxurious like this home at sunset with covered porches lit up on multiple levels

No matter what you are looking for in a home, you can find it in one of the many homes for sale in Ortley Beach. Decks on every level, covered porches, and so many more extravagances await in this market. Call one of our talented agents today to help you sort through all the great homes available. We have realtors ready to help in Ortley Beach, Lavallette, and Seaside Park to assist home buyers all over the Jersey shore.

Tips for Newly Purchased Seaside Park Homes for Sale

Posted on: November 1st, 2021 by admin

Closing on a home is an exciting day filled with new beginnings. Unfortunately, this can often quickly be followed by a feeling of being totally overwhelmed by your new to-do list. Even if your new home looks perfect visually, there is always something to do when you own a home. For those of you who have recently bought a house on the Barnegat Peninsula like Seaside Park homes for sale, we’ve compiled a few tips to help make and manage that list. There is a lot of information that is important to make note of relating to home emergencies. A few of the other tips are aimed at simply helping items in your new home function as effectively as possible.  

Tip #1 for New Homeowners is to Tackle Projects One at a Time

Even though moving into a new home usually comes with a long list of to-do items, try to only start a new project when another project is complete. It can be very easy to come close to finishing one thing, start an entirely new project, and never complete the first task. Repeat this about five times and you’ll have half-done rooms and unfinished projects all over your house. When you set reasonable goals and finish each project completely before moving on, the items on your to-do list will get checked off faster. Plus, it makes your life a lot less stressful. Prioritize your repairs and upgrades when you first move in to help you stay focused and get what needs to be done completed first.

 A Tip for Home Efficiency for Seaside Parks Homes for Sale

Hand putting clean air filter into a furnace in Seaside Park homes for sale

As soon as you buy a home, new or otherwise, it is important to check all the filters. If your home came with a refrigerator with a water dispenser, change the filter. Even if you’ve been told it has already been changed, it’s more important to know for sure how old your water filter is. The same goes for any air filters in the home. Every furnace should have an air filter that needs to be changed every three months. They are typically an inexpensive item. It’s best to start fresh with a brand new one when you move in. A dirty air filter can greatly affect the performance of your heater. You may have a filter in the ceiling too so make sure you know where all the filters are located.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Whether this is in the short-term during a room renovation or for the long-term by creating a savings plan, the unexpected will always happen. When you have well set emergency plans, it will be a lot less stressful when it does.

If your new house has a fireplace, prior to using it for the first time, be sure you know when your chimney was last cleaned by a professional. For the instances where it was just simply visually examined for a home inspection, it is a good idea to call a chimney cleaner. Removing creosote from masonry and identifying any repairs ensures the safe use of your fireplace.

Living at the shore means you know flooding is a possibility. Occasionally, the water comes from inside. Know where your main water shut-off valve is. Hopefully you will never need to use it in an emergency. But if you do, you need to know where it is and how to use it. Typically, the shut off valve inside a home is located within five feet of where the water enters the home. If you are unable to find it on your own, you can also refer back to your inspection report. Review the plumbing section and there should be a detailed description of where to find the valve. There is also a shut off on the exterior perimeter of your property called a curb valve.  These locations are important to know in the case of a burst pipe.

If you have moved a significant distance, you probably have all new utility companies. Be sure to make note of the emergency numbers for your gas company, electric company, and water company where appropriate.

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