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Great Family Attractions Near Ortley Beach, Lavallette & Seaside Park

Posted on: April 20th, 2019 by admin

Whether you are renting or you own a beach home, you already know that life by the shore is pretty nice. With gorgeous beaches, the famous boardwalk in Seaside Park and Heights within walking distance from Ortley Beach and Lavallette, and all the great summer stuff you expect – boating, ice cream shops, fishing, jet skis, water parks, rides, and more – it’s possible to just park your car for the summer and live in your flip-flops.

If you want to take a break from the barrier island, however, there are plenty of attractions within a short drive of here. This list only scratches the surface, but these should be some of the first big things you and the family consider when taking an extended Jersey Shore vacation or during your first years here.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Take a fairly short drive inland and you’ll find Six Flags Great Adventure, a sprawling theme park that has been a mainstay of the area for decades. It’s one of the largest theme parks in the entire world, due in no small park to having a gigantic drive-through safari and a huge water park in addition to the jam-packed traditional theme park. Loads of coasters for roller coaster enthusiasts. Plenty of family-friendly shows, a large kids park with rides suitable for younger adventures, and loads more make this a regular summer destination for thousands. If you’ll be at the shore all summer, consider getting season tickets to Six Flags.

Downtown Point Pleasant

Just minutes up the road from Lavallette and Ortley Beach are Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach, a pair of beautiful seaside communities with a lot to offer. Yes, they have a boardwalk with all you expect from a boardwalk, but you already have that in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park. Instead, head downtown to Arnold Avenue. This quaint strip is pure Americana, with shops, great places to eat, fantastic taverns and clubs, tons of shopping, museums and galleries, and more. You can park the car and spend an entire day here!

Island Beach State Park

We love our local beaches, but that doesn’t mean a quick escape to Island Beach State Park isn’t welcome sometimes, too. Located adjacent to Seaside Park, this huge nature preserve shows you what Jersey Shore beaches are like in their natural state. Here you have miles and miles of pristine beaches and dunes, with no houses, boardwalks, or litter within sight. It’s beautiful. Just be forewarned, on especially nice days the park can be packed pretty early in the day. And if you are here during the off season? It’s a delight to have the beaches all to yourself!

Atlantic City

Atlantic City has lost a lot of its luster, but it still gets some fantastic music and entertainment, has a great historic boardwalk, some of the best restaurants in the state, and yes, there are still casinos. It’s a short drive down the Parkway, too, making it a better choice than a trip into New York City or Philadelphia if you want to see some stand-up comedy or live music. Oh, and the Atlantic City Airport is a hidden gem that gets you in and our MUCH faster than big airports like Newark!

Popcorn Park Zoo

Located in Lacey Township, aka Forked River – our area has quite a few towns with double-names – Popcorn Park Zoo is an animal rescue and refuge that takes things a step further by letting you and your family interact directly with the animals. Sick, injured, and abandoned animals of all types end up here, from dogs and cats to deer, ducks, and more. When you visit, you are free to wander among them, feeding them popcorn (hence the name) and getting up close and person with nature. The proceeds go towards helping even more animals, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

Life at the shore is wonderful, as anyone who has worked with Birchler to buy or sell in Seaside Park, Ortley Beach or Lavallette knows, and with many nearby attractions it’s even better than you realize.