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Local Summer is Here!

Posted on: September 2nd, 2019 by admin

Although September is here, there’s no need to put away all your summer items just yet!  September in our area is know as local summer because the weather is still warm and most of the crowds and tourist numbers decrease drastically.  So, while July and August are the show stoppers of summer, September rains supreme for the locals.  What does this mean for the real estate market?  Time to start marketing to a different group.

Traffic – With the anticipation of summer heat, warm water, and long days comes the dreaded shore traffic.  However, September is here to welcome you gently into it’s arms and lets the locals travel around almost congestion free.  Advertise this in your rental listing to entice renters that are able to vacation in September to book now.

Crowds – What crowds?  With the kids back in school, most families can’t take time off this month so those that can will be able to enjoy everything our area has to offer without the overcrowding of the summer months.  The beach crowds dwindle and, as previously mention, traffic decreases as well, so you can promote relaxation on the beach with limited interruptions.

local summer september sunset on the beachSunsets – While the shortening of the days isn’t necessarily something we look forward to, the timing of the sunset is.  At this time of year, you get to enjoy the beautiful sunsets during early evening hours making each and every dinner provides the perfect backdrop.  Update the pictures on your rental listing to include some with a gorgeous sunset and you’ll be sure to get more bookings.

Expenses – Because September is off-season, lots of prices get cut.  A lot of businesses are looking to get rid of stock that they have left, companies want to draw in patrons who are still in the area so there are a lot of sales, and most beaches no longer check for badges so no need to worry about those.  You can consider cutting your rental rates at this time for the same reasons.  Having your home rented for a less expensive price is better than having it sit empty for any amount of time.

Flies – Anyone who enjoys our shore towns are well aware of everyone’s summer nemesis-Greenheads!  When a west wind blows, your time at the beach can be ruined.  It seems that each year they get more and more immune to any repellent on the market.  When you welcome in September, you can say good-bye to (most) greenheads!  This is a great selling point!  Enjoy the beach not only without the crowds, but without the flies too!

September may be the best month to travel if you can.  A lot of families are unable to travel this month so those that can, should.  It’s a good time to refresh your listing, update your pictures, and market your rental to couples that are able to travel without kids.  September can be a very romantic month down the shore with its gorgeous sunsets, empty beaches, and short restaurant lines.  Don’t say goodbye to summer, say hello to local summer!