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4 Great Ocean County Charitable Organizations Worth Supporting

Posted on: February 28th, 2019 by admin

Working in real estate at the Jersey Shore means we’ve become intimately familiar with the community over the years, and not just because it’s our job. We live here too, after all, and are as invested in the area being the best it can be as you are.

Part of that means recognizing and supporting the amazing charitable work that happens throughout Ocean County, from Ortley Beach, Toms River, and beyond.

There are a lot of great organizations out there, too. Here are four we believe are worth your attention:

Ocean of Love

Based out of Toms River, Ocean of Love is dedicated to helping families of children with cancer. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the work they do. When a child is stricken with cancer, the emotional toll it takes can be tremendous. So is the financial toll it takes.

Through donations, volunteers, and more, Ocean of Love provides support to these families to address both their emotional and financial needs. They have done this work since 1988, helping some 500 families to date. Their efforts have been priceless! To learn more about them and find out how you can help, visit the Ocean of Love website.

Save Barnegat Bay

Save Barnegat Bay has been around since 1985 (or since 1971, if you include their early history), and the nature of their mission is right in their name: they aim to help keep our beautiful bay as pristine as it can be.

That’s a good thing. Working in real estate, and especially real estate in barrier island towns like Lavallette and Seaside Park, we understand better than most the delicate balance between the homes and businesses that are the lifeblood of the area and the ecosystem that gives us a reason to be here in the first place. That’s why organizations like Save Barnegat Bay are important to our region. Learn more about them at the Save Barnegat Bay website.

JBJ Soul Kitchen

When helping out a worthwhile charity is as easy as going out to eat, you know you’ve got a winning idea. New Jersey music legend Jon Bon Jovi created the Soul Kitchen, a charitable eatery that serves great meals with no questions asked. You may pay the suggested donation. You can volunteer as payment for your meal. Or you can eat for free. There is no obligation.

When you pay or volunteer, your time or money goes towards a great cause: helping feed those in need. And the people being served are quietly your friends, your neighbors, and your family. They are the people who make Ocean County what it is. And that is worth supporting! Learn more about the JBJ Soul Kitchen’s Toms River and Red Bank locations on their website.

Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity

You probably know the Habitat for Humanity name. This is a well known charitable organization best known for renovating or building affordable houses for families in need. The Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity is our local chapter, and they do fantastic work, building 18 affordable homes and rehabbing over 60 Sandy-damaged homes.

Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just gives these homes away, either. All recipients must pass a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are ready for the responsibility of home ownership. The goal is long-term success for the recipients, after all. And they can always use volunteers! If you think you can help, find out more on the Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity website.

There are countless more great charitable organizations in the Ocean County area, far more than we could name in just one article. We’ll take a look at some others in the future. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know about any we overlooked. Maybe we’ll include them next time!