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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Seaside Park Rental Properties

Posted on: January 31st, 2022 by admin

Being prepared for an emergency doesn’t cross a lot of homeowner’s minds often. However, when it comes to rental properties in Seaside Park and all over, it is extremely important that owners leave renters prepared for the worst. When you are in your own home, you take for granted that you know where everything is and know all the emergency phone numbers. For renters though, they often know little to nothing about emergency contacts in the area. Plus, they know nothing about the house. They don’t know where to find flashlights, extra batteries, extra layers for warmth, or even who to call in a crisis. The best Seaside Park rental owners leave their guests prepared for every situation.

Every Seaside Park Rental Needs a List of Emergency Phone Numbers

In as many places as is appropriate, post emergency phone numbers for guests. Most people renting are from out of town and not familiar with emergency contacts like police and fire. Even though all information is available online and easily accessible with any smart phone, in an emergency, it is much more convenient to have everything listed out. The last thing anyone wants to do in a stressful situation is be wasting time searching for who to call. Examples of some numbers to include would be your contact number, police, electric company, the nearest hospital and/or urgent care facility address and directions, pharmacy information, and poison control. If you happen to be one of the Seaside Park rental properties that allows pets, don’t forget to include local veterinary and emergency veterinary information.

Flashlights with Charged Batteries

During any power outage, the most important thing to have is a flashlight that works. How many times when the lights have gone out have you reached for a flashlight to find the batteries are dead or missing? And that only counts the times when you can even find a flashlight. When you are in your own home, it may not seem like such a big deal. However, when you are staying in an unfamiliar house, it can be extremely unsettling. Trying to maneuver around a house where you haven’t memorized the layout and where all the furniture is can be both scary and dangerous. Don’t leave your tenants in the dark. Be sure to stock up on lots of flashlights and batteries. Of course, don’t forget to tell the tenants where they are!

Working Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Seaside Park rental smoke detector installed on wood plank ceiling

When it comes to preventing emergencies in your Seaside Park rental, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are a must. As with any home, these two alarms can save your life. Although, this statement is only true if they are in working order. Some smoke detectors can be hard-wired to the home, but this does not mean they are totally maintenance free. These styles also include a backup battery so be sure to replace all batteries in all alarms in the home multiple times a year. Plus, be sure there are plenty of new batteries available for the renters to use if necessary.

Have Alternative Heat Sources in Year-Round Seaside Park Rentals

Seaside Park rental wood burning stove in action

Although most Seaside Park rentals are booked during the summer when the loss of heat is not a concern, there are many rentals that are available year-round. For these owners, it is important to leave your guests access to some alternative heat sources. Amenities like fireplaces and wood or pellet burning stoves are not common in beach houses. However, as a year-round rental property owner, it is something to consider. If you do have people staying in the home over winter, be sure to leave some fresh firewood for each new reservation.

Seaside Park rental pile of extra blankets from top to bottom, white, green, and grey

In addition to that, lots and lots of extra blankets are important. Even for rentals that are for summer only, you can never have too many blankets available for guests. Temperature preferences can vary greatly within every travel group. For the family members and friends of people who prefer to set the air conditioning to arctic, provide multiple cozy blankets to keep all the guests comfortable no matter the situation.

Let Guests Know Where to Find Emergency Items in Your Seaside Park Rental

It is great to be prepared for an emergency. But, unless the guests know where to find everything, these items will not be helpful. Many rental property owners like to use a binder to keep all important information in one easy location. Including items like how to use appliances, how to operate the TV, and, of course, emergency phone numbers. It is also extremely helpful to keep these contact numbers and information out in the open. Consider an easy-to-see surface like a refrigerator. Rather than needing to do a walk-through of your property with every new guest, you can also email pertinent information like the location of flashlights, extra batteries, and extra blankets are located. This also makes it easier for vacationers to reference that email should they need to find anything.

The safer renters feel, the more comfortable they are, and the better vacation they can have. Give your guests the best vacation by providing safety and emergency information and items in your Seaside Park rental. Need help listing or purchasing a Seaside Park vacation rental property? Contact us today!