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Time for Spring Cleaning!

Posted on: March 1st, 2020 by admin

Winter is almost over and fresh air and open windows are on the horizon! If your house is on the market or will be soon, now is a great time to do some spring cleaning. While it may seem silly to perform this task when you will hopefully be moving soon, it is essential when selling your home. Showing a sparkling clean home helps to properly showcase all the value your home has. Value can be diminished when your home appears dirty and messy. In order to show your home at its best, maintain a clean and neat home while it is on the market.

Get Down and Dirty

It’s time to clean all the nitty-gritty things that you haven’t cleaned since you moved into your home. Washing baseboards, removing air registers and cleaning vents, dust those ceiling fans, and thoroughly wash things that get touched daily like light switches and doorknobs. By cleaning these things that may get overlooked during regular cleaning, your home will appear newer and show better. Having a clean home may be the deciding factor for a buyer to decide on one home over another.

Spring Brings More Sunlight

Time to clean those windows and let the sunshine in! The last thing a potential buyerwants to see is dirty windows or drapery. Wash all window coverings and dust all blind. Be sure to get all the windows inside and out. Don’t forget to open your windows and even wipe all the dirt and pollen from the exterior window sill. Keep in mind that with more sunlight, it easier to see dust inside the home so make sure you do a thorough dusting as well.

Don’t Forget the Outside

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Be sure to clean up the outside of your home as well as the inside. Not many buyers will be interested in the interior of your home if the exterior appears unkempt. Clean up garden edges, trim bushes so they are out of the walkway, look at your front door and shutters to see if they need a fresh coat of paint, and pressure wash any parts of your home that look dingy. A fresh clean exterior is a welcoming sight for potential buyers.


While having a clean home is important, it can be very helpful for buyers to imagine themselves in your home when it is not filled with personal items. During your spring cleaning, consider storing some stuff away. Decluttered rooms not only appear cleaner, it helps to make them appear larger as well. Don’t forget to pay attention to cabinets and closets for this as well. Closets that are jam-packed and cabinets that are messy don’t show well and reduce the value of your home. Even though it may not be something you keep up day to day, when you know your home is going to be shown, straighten up those pantries and cabinets.

A Clean Home Sells

The last thing a potential buyer wants to buy is a dirty home. Messy cabinets, full closets, and a general cluttered appearance are a real turn off for buyers. People don’t want to buy a home that they think they are going to have to hire a professional cleaning company to clean before they move in. A clean home is a valuable home.

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