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Everything You Need to Know Before Searching Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach

Posted on: October 31st, 2022 by admin

Technically, Ortley Beach is named Dover Beaches South and is not its own city. Rather, it is an unincorporated community of Toms River. But if you ask residents, this certainly does not take away from the splendor of living there. Located on Barnegat Peninsula, Ortley Beach is bordered by Lavallette to the north and Seaside Heights to the south. If you love the beach, but also love escaping the lights, sounds, and crowds of the boardwalk, you should check out our homes for sale in Ortley Beach. Close to all the action, but far enough away to enjoy some solitude, Ortley Beach is as close to an ideal place to live as you can get.

If You Enjoy Open Space Skip Over Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach

While Ortley Beach has tons of great qualities, property acreage is not one of them. The average lot size for homes for sale in Ortley Beach is less than half an acre. That being said, residents of Ortley Beach aren’t complaining. If you want rolling green hills, you’ll have to look elsewhere. However, if you want the beach across the street, the bay a few blocks away, a close community, and a place to make fantastic family memories, Ortley Beach is the perfect place. Plus, whatever isn’t in Ortley Beach, isn’t far away. And, what you can’t find on the peninsula is just a quick drive over the bridge.

Ortley Beach is Ideal for Water Lovers

Homes for sale in Ortley Beach are close to this view of the ocean shown with a lifeguard chair in the sand

What Ortley Beach lacks in land space, it makes up for with its access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Barnegat Bay. If you love the water, be sure to include a search for homes for sale in Ortley Beach. Boating, swimming, crabbing, fishing, and so much more fun awaits you when you live or rent in Ortley Beach. Having the close access to both the ocean and the bay makes Ortley Beach a popular town for rental and vacation homes. This means, for those who stay in Ortley Beach over the winter, things get really peaceful. Year-round residents get the benefits of this location all to themselves when vacationers leave at the end of August.

Partner With an Experienced Agent for Help with Homes for Sale in Ortley Beach

The best way to navigate the buying or selling of a home is with the partnership of an experienced realtor. In a shore town like Ortley Beach, it can be especially important to have someone like this on your side. For one, they ensure you see the largest number of properties possible. The help of a seasoned realtor gives you the best chance of finding your dream home. Secondly, a great realtor is a great resource for the entire real estate process. Whether it be advising on offers, assisting in additional steps like obtaining a mortgage or scheduling an inspection, one of our agents will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today whether you are looking to list, rent, or buy homes for sale in Ortley Beach or any of the great shore towns New Jersey has  to offer!

Homes for Sale in Lavallette are Quintessential Beach Houses

Posted on: September 30th, 2022 by admin

Certain images come to mind when you think of beach houses. Light airy colors, streamlined design, natural elements, and many shore-related amenities are some of the top characteristics. Beach houses often have a lot of things in common due to their salty location. Building materials need to be chosen based on their resiliency to high-traffic, salt air, extreme weather. Other details are selected to inspire a certain mindset and to make life more enjoyable. If you love life at the beach and desire to live in a beach house, we recommend searching homes for sale in Lavallette.

The Color Palette of Homes for Sale in Lavallette

Coastal design of soft gray wood panel walls, light oak floors, and pops of yellow in homes for sale in Lavallette

Even though each home is different, coastal design gives homes for sale in Lavallette a commonality. The color palette of many of these homes is quite similar. A common color palette for beach houses contains light hued, nature inspired colors in blues, greens, and neutrals. For a more nautical touch, some designers add pops of navy and other blues. For a more tropical feel, intense, neon inspired colors are used in pillows, rugs, and other accents. If you want your beach house to feel calming and relaxing, reach for lighter colors. On the other hand, if you love a more bold, animated feel, pops of bright fun colors are what you want. One thing to remember when searching homes for sale in Lavallette is that paint color is one of the easiest things to change about a home. No matter the color palette, be sure to keep an open mind.

Details Specific to Houses in a Beach Town

In addition to a beachy color selection, there are certain other details about a home that make it a true beach house. For one, houses built on or near the shore line are subject to more extreme weather conditions than houses farther inland. This makes resilient building materials crucial. One that is found in many homes for sale in Lavallette that are located on the beach is impact resistant glass. This adds another layer of protection for homes during strong storms because when winds pick up, things go flying. Other building materials chosen must also be resistant to the salt and humidity levels while keeping with the coastal aesthetic.

One way in which designers do this is with the use of natural elements. Regardless of it’s use, whether indoors or out, materials like wood and stone are popular in homes for sale in Lavallette. Not only are they resistant to weather, they are also much more resilient to sand and high-traffic use. This is important because many homes in Lavallette are used as rental homes. Also, anyone who lives at the beach knows, you almost always have guests in the summer. Salt and sand can wreak havoc on certain materials. Scratches, warping, and an overall worn-down appearance are common effects that happen when the wrong items are used.

Amenities Found in Many Homes for Sale in Lavallette

Other amenities that are popular in homes for sale in Lavallette and other beach houses are elevators, outdoor showers, and extra storage. Elevators are relevant in homes that are built on stilts. Because the entrances of these homes are a story or more above ground level, elevators come in handy and make them more accessible to everyone. Outdoor showers are common in homes near and far from the beach. Even if you don’t live on the beach, if you buy a home in Lavallette, you most likely enjoy visiting the beach. Outdoor showers keep homes cleaner and are a very convenient amenity. Homebuyers in shore towns often have more “toys” than inland homes. It’s much nicer when things like surfboards, body boards, beach carts, and beach toys & accessories have a specific space.  

For Sale Sign outside homes for sale in Lavallette

Contact an Agent Today

We have three convenient locations to help you find your dream beach house. For buyers want to search in Lavallette, we have an office on Grand Central Ave. in the center of town. Contact an agent and start searching homes for sale in Lavallette today!

Why Search Homes for Sale in Seaside Park

Posted on: August 31st, 2022 by admin

Homes for sale in Seaside Park are some of the most sought-after homes for those looking for a house down the shore. No matter what the house’s purpose is, whether year-round, seasonal, or as a rental, what size or type of home you desire, and your budget, the Seaside Park real estate market has something for you.

Perks of the Borough of Seaside Park

The borough marina is one of the top perks for homeowners in Seaside Park. They provide daily and transient slip rentals for a fee. Each summer they also offer free Coast Guard vessel safety checks. These inspections check a vessel for compliance with federal, state, and local safety requirements. The checks take about 30 minutes and ensure you can boat smart and boat safe.

Seaside Park has three play areas. One is located at 13th Ave. and Barnegat Ave. There is a playground, baseball field, and basketball courts. The other two are at 5th Ave. and Bayview Ave. and O Street and Lake Avenue. Both these playgrounds have beautiful views of the Barnegat Bay.

Every Monday evening on the lawn of the municipal complex Seaside Park puts on a summer concert series. Example of 2022 summer artists include The Kootz, Strictly 60s, and Fish Eyed Blues. The town also puts on an art show over Labor Day weekend, flea markets every Sunday, and farmers markets every Monday and Friday.

Great Entertainment and Delicious Food isn’t Far in Seaside Park

Homes for sale in Seaside Park are close to the boarkdwalk and the Casino Pier ferris wheel

It isn’t only the beach that draws thousands of people to Seaside Park. The town has tons of fun things to see and do and fantastic places to eat. It isn’t hard to find out what the second biggest attraction to the area of Seaside Park is – the boardwalk. Anyone who has visited the Jersey Shore has most likely been to the Seaside boardwalk at least once. For the best boardwalk food, you’ll hear about Midway Steak House, The Sawmill, and Spicy Cantina. Entertainment isn’t hard to find on the boardwalk. Arcades, Casino Pier, mini golf, and bars and nightclubs make the boardwalk a destination for everyone.

In addition to all this great stuff, Breakwater Beach is also close by to Seaside Park. They are open all summer long. Adrenaline junkies will want to check out Salem’s Scream which is a 50-foot speed slide where the floor drops out from underneath you. For those looking for a little less adventure, they also have a wild river, many other waterslides, and a wave pool.

Need More Reasons to Look at Homes for Sale in Seaside Park?

No matter what type of home you are looking for, you can find it in Seaside Park. Regardless of size, style, closeness to water, or a variety of other requirements, you can find it searching through homes for sale in Seaside Park.

Townhouses and condos are a popular home style in Seaside Park. Whether it is for year-round residence or for vacation rental use, these homes are a great option for many. The pros of owning a townhouse or condo are that there is no property care, you get to use all of the amenities, and they are a good value for those with a limited budget. As far as Seaside Park rental properties go, townhomes are also a popular option. They offer renters the space of a home with a bit more privacy than a hotel, but a much smaller rental fee than a single-family home.

Waterfront homes are an obvious choice when searching homes for sale in Seaside Park. For those that love the beach, you can always find homes for sale along the coast. Boat owners may prefer to have their own slip so homes located on the bay would be preferable. Either population will be happy to see the variety of homes available on the water in Seaside Park.

We Can Help With Your Search of Homes for Sale in Seaside Park

We have a number of experienced realtors that are very knowledgeable about the area. Our agents can help you from your first step of your journey to the day you pick up the keys to your new home. Contact us today for help navivating your search of homes for sale in Seaside Park!

All Homes for Sale in Lavallette Come with These Benefits

Posted on: July 31st, 2022 by admin

When it comes to beach towns, Lavallette is one of the best. Located on the Barnegat Peninsula, Lavallette doesn’t only have access to the Atlantic Ocean, but also the Barnegat Bay. With beaches on one side and the bay on the other side, there is always something to see or do. It isn’t just water-related activities, however, that make Lavallette a great seaside town. Great restaurants, fun attractions, and convenient shopping are all easily accessible for anyone living in Lavallette. No matter where you buy in this town, search homes for sale in Lavallette and you can enjoy all these great benefits.

Purchase One of Our Homes for Sale in Lavallette and Enjoy Health Benefits

Homes for sale in Lavallette come with health benefits - Adult woman holding childs hand walking through surf during sunset

If you ever noticed that you feel more relaxed when you are around water, you are not the only one. It has been written about in many science articles that living by the beach and enjoying the outdoors in general is good for your health. Sea air contains minerals like magnesium, iodine, and salt which can relieve respiratory symptoms. Life at the beach is also known to improve skin, increase activity, and generally help you lead a healthier life. Check out our homes for sale in Lavallette today and enjoy less stress and better overall health.

Shoppers Rejoice When They Visit Lavallette

Take a walk down Grand Central Ave. and you’ll find stores of all kinds. There are clothing stores for kids like Shaded Kids, and women’s clothing stores like Island Gypsy and House of Lucky. Even men get to enjoy their own shopping at Martins Casuals. If you’re searching for beachy clothes, Lavallette has you covered. Looking for a unique gift for a friend? If you close a deal on any one of the many homes for sale in Lavallette, check out Salt House or Bow + Arrow Boutique. Need a special piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one? Grand Central Ave is also home to My Sisters Jewelry Box which is a store owned by two sisters who love clothing and accessories.

Foodies Love Lavallette Too

You’re going to be hungry after all the great shopping, but luckily for residents of Lavallette, there’s many fantastic places to eat. For Italian food lovers, there are four great restaurants to choose from. Lenny’s Pizza & Italian Grill, The Oven Restaurant & Pizza, Little Mia’s Pizza, and Lavallette Ristorante & Pizzeria cover all the bases when it comes to Italian cuisine. If you’re searching homes for sale in Lavallette, you’ll want to know about the Channel Marker Café. A casual dock and dine restaurant is a must for any waterfront town and for Lavallette, this is it. They have a varied menu including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Homes for sale in Lavallette allow you to enjooy a melty ice cream cone every day

No day at the beach is complete without a delicious sweet treat. Well-known places like Kohr’s Frozen Custard and Dairy Queen both have locations in Lavallette. There is also multiple independent ice cream shoppes and bakeries including Iceberg Ice Cream, Colonial Bakery, and Summer Sweats Ice Cream Shop. Thankfully, there are plenty of great activities to work off all these good eats in Lavallette.

Things to Do in Lavallette

We know we just covered desserts, but if you want an entertaining night out, you’ll definitely want to visit The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe. Love mini-golf? Lavallette has two great locations. One is the Chadwick Golf Course and Lava Golf. There is nothing quite like a fun family outing playing mini-golf at the beach. Want to have a day on the water, but don’t own a boat? Aqua Rentz is here for you. They have bowriders, center consoles, and pontoon boats available for rent. You can rent for half a day, a full day, or even multiple days. Of course, even without these places, Lavallette has beautiful beaches on both the ocean and bay sides.

 Homes for Sale in Lavallette Are More Than a Pretty Face

Buying one of the gorgeous homes for sale in Lavallette is about more than just the building that you will call home. It is about loving the outdoors and enjoying all the benefits of that, having access to great food and shopping, and enjoying time together with your loved ones. Contact one of our agents today to start living your best life in Lavallette.

Please note that any businesses mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and is not meant to serve as a recommendation over other bussinesses.

Opportunities and Obstacles of Owning a Seaside Park Vacation Rental

Posted on: June 30th, 2022 by admin

When you hear the word vacation, what comes to mind? For many people, the vision that emerges is that of a coastline along the ocean. For others, it may be a cabin in the woods, and for others a snow-covered slope is the ideal spot to get away for a bit. Even though there is quite a range of ideas of what vacation means, going to the beach is a widely accepted synonym for going on vacation. The popularity of the shore is what contributes to the advantages of purchasing and owning a beach house. The environment itself, however, can add a number of hurdles. Let’s take a closer look at both a number of advantages and disadvantages of owning a Seaside Park vacation rental.

Jersey Shore Real Estate is a Good Investment

New Jersey drawn in sand in front of an incoming wave in front of a Seaside Park vacation rental

Owning a Seaside Park vacation rental is a good financial investment. Although the beach isn’t for everyone, it is still the go-to spot for many. The number of people that do love the beach are the ones that make purchasing a beach-based vacation rental a good investment. 

One monetary benefit of owning a Seaside Park vacation rental is rental income. For all those weeks that you can’t enjoy your beach house yourself, renting out your property is the perfect solution. Rather than letting the house sit empty, allowing visitors to rent your home when you are not occupying it is a sound investment.

In addition to additional money coming in, owning a rental property qualifies for a number of tax deductions. Always check with your accountant to find out what advantages are available to you depending on where you live and where your rental property is located.

A Seaside Park Vacation Rental Home Equals Easier Vacations

How many times have you spent weeks trying to decide where to go on vacation? It can be difficult finding a spot appropriate for your family, a place you can afford, and a place you want to go to. However, if you’ve purchased a beach house in Seaside Park, you never have to search for a vacation home again. Plus, you can cut your packing and planning in half. Reduce the stress associated with vacation planning with ownership of a Seaside Park vacation rental.

The Beach is Good for Your Health

Take good care of your mental and physical health with a beach house. Life at the beach provides numerous health benefits.

For the people that don’t live at the beach, the change of scenery itself can contribute to better mental health. The wide-open spaces, the scents, and the sounds of the ocean improves the state of mind for a lot of humans. Decrease stress and boost your mood with an extended stay at the Jersey shore.

In addition, the sunshine soaked up by beach goers initiates the creation of Vitamin D. Boosted levels of Vitamin D, for one, helps with the absorption of calcium. This vitamin also helps nerves transmit messages to the brain and helps your muscles move. Appropriate doses of Vitamin D can reduce your chances of developing osteoarthritis, improve your circulation, and lower your blood pressure.

Sea air is also known to improve respiratory ailments because the salt, magnesium, and iodine in the air can reduce inflammation in the lungs. This effectively cuts down on mucus and coughing.

The Negative Aspects of Owning a Seaside Park Vacation Rental

Although rental properties can provide you with an additional income, it can cost you more money in certain situations. Owning a beach house may require additional maintenance. Saltwater can wreak havoc on a home and houses built on or near the beach can require more upkeep and repairs than a house located inland. Plus, if you do want to rent out your vacation home but don’t live local, you will probably need to hire a property manager. Trust and cost are the top concerns with hiring someone to care for your investment. Lastly, rental properties require more attention due to the fact that many people are coming in and out of the home tracking in tons of sand and putting the house through more wear and tear than a typical home.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Seaside Park vacation rental, contact one of our agents today!

Seaside Park Summer Rentals are Going Fast

Posted on: May 31st, 2022 by admin

If you’ve been thinking about renting a house down the shore this summer, now is the time to act! Seaside Park summer rentals are going and they are going fast! Even though many homes are booked months in advance, there are still many homes available for you and your family to enjoy a week at the beach this summer. If you haven’t rented a vacation home in a few years, many things have changed. Many rental properties do not include linens any longer. This not only is easier for the rental owner, but safer for the guests. Be sure to check with the owner or property manager to verify what items you’ll need to bring along for your vacation and what stuff you can leave at home. If you are looking perfect Seaside Park rentals for this summer, contact an agent today!

Keep an Open Mind When Searching Available Rentals

Our agents will always do their best to match you with the perfect Seaside Park summer rental. However, you have to keep in mind that the more “must-haves” you add to your list, the lower the number of exact matches. When you reduce the number of items that a home hast to include you will have a much larger pool of summer rentals to choose from. If you plan ahead, however, you can be a bit choosier because there are more homes available. A majority of rentals will already be reserved the closer you get to your vacation date.

Work With a Seaside Park Summer Rentals Real Estate Agent

Even though it seems easy enough to search for a summer rental on your own, an agent can help in many ways. Not only is it advantageous to work with a realtor when searching for Seaside Park summer rentals, it can protect you in the all aspects of the renting process. Rental property owners often give first access to real estate agents so we have the largest access to available properties. In addition to that, if the property owner is not local, they often communicate through their real estate agent to handle issues. Either way, take some stress off of the vacation rental process and let an agent do the leg work.

Seaside Park Summer Rentals Have a Ton to Offer

Even if you missed out on renting your dream home this summer, every rental in Seaside Park is in the same great town! No matter where the house is located, you’ll still have quick and easy access to so many fun places and delicious restaurants. Perhaps the most popular destination is the boardwalk. Arcade games, yummy fried food and sweet treats, and lots of fun times await regardless of which Seaside Park summer rental you get!

Cantact Us Today!

Seaside Park summer rentals are available at the "New Jersey" (written in sand) Shore

Many more people are choosing to vacation closer to home in recent years. This has made it a bit more difficult for people looking to rent vacation homes in popular shore towns like Seaside Park, Lavallette, and Ortley Beach. But, never fear! Our agents are here to help! We’ll work with you to find a great home for your vacation. Once a realtor has discussed with you your wants and needs, they’ll search the many Seaside Park summer rentals to find the house that best suits your requirements. Contact us today because Seaside Park summer rentals are going fast!

Bringing Kids to the Beach for Ortley Beach Vacation Rental

Posted on: April 30th, 2022 by admin

Spring is in full swing now and summer is on the way. Soon, residents and visitors alike will be flocking to the beaches and filling Ortley Beach vacation rental homes and rentals all over the Jersey shore. We though it would be helpful to give out some tips on taking kids and babies to the beach this summer. For any parents that want to enjoy the beach but fear it might be too much with kids, we’re here to help! Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to get to the beach and enjoy it, even when you have the kids.

You Can’t Overpack When It Comes to Necessities

For babies and kids, two big necessities are food and water. It’s always better to have a little extra than not enough food. Make sure everything is non-perishable though unless you want a 100-pound cooler. Single serving snack containers are great for the beach. This way, every time someone sticks their hand in the pack, the entire container of food doesn’t get contaminated with sand. A tip for your water bottles is to fill them with a small amount of water and put them in the freezer the night before on an angle or on their sides, they’ll have an icicle to help keep your water cold at the beach.

SPF is Another Necessity for Ortley Beach Trips

One other thing you can never have enough of at the beach is sunscreen. Be sure to dress your baby in an SPF-proof suit, make sure they have a hat, and that you apply sunscreen regularly. Always get a layer of sun lotion on everyone before you leave the house so it will be effective by the time you’re settled on the beach. Those with older kids will love protective clothing that allows you to fight less with your kids to lather them up. Plus, these clothing items can protect kids with sensitive skin from getting super irritated from the sand and saltwater.

An Oversized Blanket or a Fitted Sheet is a Must

Ortley Beach vacation rentals - sunscreen being applied to childs arm

Towels are for drying, not for laying on in the sand. They just aren’t big enough. So be sure to invest in an extra-large blanket to bring to the beach. Better yet? If you have an old Queen size fitted sheet, you can easily fill the corners with sand for a stay-put solution for your beach area. This give the kids plenty of space to spread out and crawl around without being completely covered in sand. Plus, often in the summer, the sand can get very hot. Having a blanket or sheet down gives little feet some relief.

Toys Can Be a Welcome Distraction, Sometimes

Ortley Beach vacation rentals often supply sand toys like shovels and buckets

Depending on how old your child is, toys can either be a necessity or a burden. There is nothing worse than carting a whole wagon full of toys to the beach for them to not be played with. The beach can be an overwhelming experience for some kids and the last thing they’ll want is more activity, sights and noises. For other kids, a bucket and a shovel are all they need to entertain them for an entire day. It may take a few trips for you to figure out what your child prefers. If you’re renting an Ortley Beach vacation rental, they may supply some for you!

Only Bring What You Need But You Won’t be Far From Your Ortley Beach Vacation Rental

Even though many of our tip’s sound like we’re telling you to pack a lot of stuff, you want to be careful not to overpack. Bring only what you can manage. Invest in some sand free bags for your beach stuff that will help to limit the amount of sand you bring home. One last tip we have for any beach goer is to bring some powder with you. A quick pat down with some powder and sand will fall off even the stickiest of kids. The travel size powders are perfect to throw in your beach bag. If you’re lucky enough to own a home Ortley Beach, you’ll be an expert at beach trips with kids in no time! If you’re searching for an Ortley Beach vacation rental, you can contact one of our agents today!

First-Time Buyers of Seaside Park Homes for Sale Q&A

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 by admin

Buying a home can be a confusing process. Even for people who have done it before, the real estate journey can be overwhelming. This can be amplified for first-time home buyers. There are many questions that get asked of our agents often. We’ll cover a few of them that we hear a lot from first-time buyers of Seaside Park homes for sale. This certainly is only just a small portion of information. Anytime you have any questions about anything related to Seaside Park real estate, feel free to contact one of our offices! Our agents have helping people buy, sell, and rent homes in the Seaside Park area and beyond since 1965.

Should I Buy or Rent?

This depends on a number of factors with the main one being money. In order to buy, you need to consider if you have enough money for a down payment, enough money for closing costs, and a reliable monthly income to cover your mortgage. If reaching any of those goals is not attainable at this point, renting might be the better option. In addition to the routine monthly costs of owning a home, inevitably, something in the home will always need fixing, repairing, upgrading, or maintaining. While you can design your own home however you choose, all repairs are up to you. When you rent, your interior may not be exactly what you’d pick, but if anything breaks, you just have to let someone know.

The money you pay in rent each month goes to providing a roof over your head for that month with all associated benefits. However, there is no future return on investment. When you buy a home, not only do you qualify for a property tax deduction, the money you pay for your loan each month will eventually end in you owning a home.

How Do I Know Which Mortgage is Best?

Woman with short red hair wearing large bubble necklace and denim button-down shirt holding hands up questioning Seaside Park homes for sale

Much of the home buying process is dependent on budget. Obtaining a mortgage is no different. The type of mortgage that is best for you is reliant on your credit score and your monthly income. Even if your credit score isn’t the best, there are some mortgage options. Those options widen the higher your credit score is. People without money for a down payment may be eligible for a VA loan or a USDA loan. Not sure what your mortgage will be? Check out our mortgage calculator. There are mortgage options for people in a range of financial situations. Check with a mortgage lender to see what your choices are. First time home buyers in NJ should check out the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to find out about all the benefits available.

How Do I Know How Much to Offer When I Want to Buy a Home?

Our agents are here to guide you through every step of the process. This certainly applies to the moment when you are ready to submit an offer. There are many things to consider when figuring out how much you should offer. Take a look at what comparable homes have recently sold for in the area, your mortgage budget, and the condition of the home in respect to the asking price. When you hire a Birchler Realtors agent, we’ll be there with you for every decision including figuring out the right amount to offer.

First Time Home Buyers of Seaside Park Homes for Sale

First time buyers of Seaside Park homes for sale have no need to fear the process. Contact one of our agents today and we’ll escort you through every phase no matter if you are looking to buy, sell, or rent. We’re here to help!

Cleanliness is Crucial for Seaside Park Rentals

Posted on: February 28th, 2022 by admin

The vacation industry is coming back to life. This means Seaside Park vacation rental properties should be ready to have a full-season this summer. Cleaning rental properties has never been more important than it is now. Services provided by cleaning companies has had to expand greatly. It is important when hiring a cleaning service to ensure that your needs as owners of Seaside Park rentals are met completely. In this day and age, there is no room for error when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning in between renters.

Deciding Between Do-It-Yourself of Hiring a Professional

This question has become increasingly more difficult for many vacation rental property owners. For one, it is important to always stay up-to-date on local COVID regulations when it comes to cleaning rental properties. In order to take much of the stress off yourself, hire a professional cleaning company to offer your patrons the safest vacation possible. Plus, this is the only option for many Seaside Park rentals as owners often do not live locally. Considering taking on the job yourself? Ask yourself if you are sure you want to commit to sanitizing an entire home between renters. Another advantage of hiring a company is that they often dispatch multiple people to each property making quick work of turn-arounds. Talk to other rental property owners in the area about who they use for cleaning and do your own research before hiring just any cleaning company.

Cleaning Companies Do More for Seaside Park Rentals

Cleaning Seaside Park rentals includes house plants, disinfecting and painting

There is a big difference between a weekly upkeep cleaning in a residential home and a flip between renters in Seaside Park rentals. Not only do cleaning companies need to take care of the cleaning, but sanitizing. Yes, there is a difference and it’s a big one. What you do in your own home is cleaning. Removing dirt and grime, putting items away, dusting, vacuuming, etc. Disinfecting is the killing of germs on a surface and this is what is essential today. While regulations are relaxing and things are retuning more and more “back to normal” keeping a rental property clean AND disinfected is always going to be important.

How to Find the Best Cleaner for Seaside Park Rentals

Aside from asking your local realtor and other rental property owners, check newspapers and social media groups for recommendations.

No matter who you choose, they absolutely should be licensed, insured, and bonded. This is as important for you as it is for them. Unfortunately, home thefts can often be linked to cleaning service employees. For all homeowners, not just vacation rental owners, this is why bonding and proper insurance is so crucial. This ensures there are resources for the homeowner in the event that a job is done unsatisfactorily or if theft or damage does occur.  

Experience is huge asset when it comes to vacation rental cleaning companies. It can be easy to misjudge just how much work it takes to clean a rental property. In comparison to a residential home, it’s a huge job. Plus, time is a big factor. Not only can experienced companies get it done better, they get it done more efficiently. If you are unable to find a cleaning company with experience cleaning Seaside Park rentals, make sure you communicate clearly with the company you hire. Fully describe what your needs and expectations are so they can decide if it is an appropriate job for them.

Professional Cleaners Make Life Easier for Owners of Seaside Park Rentals

Especially today, with the need for additional sanitizing steps, hiring a professional cleaning company can make life easier for owners of Seaside Park rentals. For owners of properties that do not live locally, a cleaning company may do more than just clean. Things like cleaning the fridge, changing all linens, and taking care of routine home maintenance can many times be done by your cleaner. In most cases, the only way to turn a home around fast enough is with the help of professionals.

Contact one of our agents any time if you have questions about buying, selling, and renting Seaside Park rentals!

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Seaside Park Rental Properties

Posted on: January 31st, 2022 by admin

Being prepared for an emergency doesn’t cross a lot of homeowner’s minds often. However, when it comes to rental properties in Seaside Park and all over, it is extremely important that owners leave renters prepared for the worst. When you are in your own home, you take for granted that you know where everything is and know all the emergency phone numbers. For renters though, they often know little to nothing about emergency contacts in the area. Plus, they know nothing about the house. They don’t know where to find flashlights, extra batteries, extra layers for warmth, or even who to call in a crisis. The best Seaside Park rental owners leave their guests prepared for every situation.

Every Seaside Park Rental Needs a List of Emergency Phone Numbers

In as many places as is appropriate, post emergency phone numbers for guests. Most people renting are from out of town and not familiar with emergency contacts like police and fire. Even though all information is available online and easily accessible with any smart phone, in an emergency, it is much more convenient to have everything listed out. The last thing anyone wants to do in a stressful situation is be wasting time searching for who to call. Examples of some numbers to include would be your contact number, police, electric company, the nearest hospital and/or urgent care facility address and directions, pharmacy information, and poison control. If you happen to be one of the Seaside Park rental properties that allows pets, don’t forget to include local veterinary and emergency veterinary information.

Flashlights with Charged Batteries

During any power outage, the most important thing to have is a flashlight that works. How many times when the lights have gone out have you reached for a flashlight to find the batteries are dead or missing? And that only counts the times when you can even find a flashlight. When you are in your own home, it may not seem like such a big deal. However, when you are staying in an unfamiliar house, it can be extremely unsettling. Trying to maneuver around a house where you haven’t memorized the layout and where all the furniture is can be both scary and dangerous. Don’t leave your tenants in the dark. Be sure to stock up on lots of flashlights and batteries. Of course, don’t forget to tell the tenants where they are!

Working Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Seaside Park rental smoke detector installed on wood plank ceiling

When it comes to preventing emergencies in your Seaside Park rental, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are a must. As with any home, these two alarms can save your life. Although, this statement is only true if they are in working order. Some smoke detectors can be hard-wired to the home, but this does not mean they are totally maintenance free. These styles also include a backup battery so be sure to replace all batteries in all alarms in the home multiple times a year. Plus, be sure there are plenty of new batteries available for the renters to use if necessary.

Have Alternative Heat Sources in Year-Round Seaside Park Rentals

Seaside Park rental wood burning stove in action

Although most Seaside Park rentals are booked during the summer when the loss of heat is not a concern, there are many rentals that are available year-round. For these owners, it is important to leave your guests access to some alternative heat sources. Amenities like fireplaces and wood or pellet burning stoves are not common in beach houses. However, as a year-round rental property owner, it is something to consider. If you do have people staying in the home over winter, be sure to leave some fresh firewood for each new reservation.

Seaside Park rental pile of extra blankets from top to bottom, white, green, and grey

In addition to that, lots and lots of extra blankets are important. Even for rentals that are for summer only, you can never have too many blankets available for guests. Temperature preferences can vary greatly within every travel group. For the family members and friends of people who prefer to set the air conditioning to arctic, provide multiple cozy blankets to keep all the guests comfortable no matter the situation.

Let Guests Know Where to Find Emergency Items in Your Seaside Park Rental

It is great to be prepared for an emergency. But, unless the guests know where to find everything, these items will not be helpful. Many rental property owners like to use a binder to keep all important information in one easy location. Including items like how to use appliances, how to operate the TV, and, of course, emergency phone numbers. It is also extremely helpful to keep these contact numbers and information out in the open. Consider an easy-to-see surface like a refrigerator. Rather than needing to do a walk-through of your property with every new guest, you can also email pertinent information like the location of flashlights, extra batteries, and extra blankets are located. This also makes it easier for vacationers to reference that email should they need to find anything.

The safer renters feel, the more comfortable they are, and the better vacation they can have. Give your guests the best vacation by providing safety and emergency information and items in your Seaside Park rental. Need help listing or purchasing a Seaside Park vacation rental property? Contact us today!